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Depression/Panic Attacks/Stress/Anger

Weight Issues

Therapy for weight-related issues

PTSD Trauma

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Trauma

Pain & Illness

Treatments for various ailments & eating disorders

Habits & Addictions



Sexual Issues/Communication

Phobias & OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Phobias

Motivation & Confidence

Increase motivation & physical stamina 

Finding the Root Cause

Welcome to Source Health – a collective of qualified, certified therapists practising a variety of therapies, founded and run by experienced energy psychologist, Donna Grant.

We are all passionate about finding and healing the root cause of psychological, spiritual and physical disharmony, using a blend of modern scientific techniques and ancient healing practices, to help our clients live their best life.

Our work is centred at the Aurora Borealis Highland Retreat House in the beautiful Black Isle, looking over the Beauly Firth near Muir of Ord in Scotland. Donna also offers one-to-one healing sessions and workshops at clinics in Inverness, Scotland, London and Hampshire.

If you aren’t near a clinic or live abroad, we can schedule online therapy using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Get in touch to find out about Healing Retreats that are held across the UK and Internationally throughout the year.

A Light in the Darkness

People from all walks of life are finding it difficult to cope because of negative programming they have picked up on life’s journey.

The aim of Source Health and our various therapists is to help those who are troubled overcome the underlying subconscious causes that lead to people suffering from debilitating conditions like:

As a mother herself, Donna specialises in working with children suffering from trauma and anxiety. She is co-founder of the Happy Marlo children’s platform for emotional wellness.

Our approach is totally non-judgmental and empathetic – after all we’ve been through dark times ourselves before being helped to find light in our lives. All our treatment plans are completely personalised, and we would be delighted to help you, just as we have successfully helped so many others.

Our Transformational Therapies

To improve your life with physical, emotional and mental health and happiness we will prescribe one or a combination of our available therapies to restore balance and harmony.

Each diagnosis and therapy suggestion is planned to suit the individual, and can be offered in workshops, residential and day retreats, or one-to-one sessions, either in-house at Aurora Borealis Highland Retreat, at one of our clinics, or online. 

Some examples of the main therapies and activities we offer are: 

Trauma Therapy



Children’s Therapy

Shamanic Soul Healing

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping

Matrix Re-Imprinting

Matrix Birth Re-imprinting

Spiritual Development

Past Life Regression

Creative Art Therapy


Shamanic Spiritual Healing Rituals

Holistic Massage


Frequency Therapy


Mindfulness & Meditation

and much more...

All our therapy sessions are conducted by qualified, certified and experienced practitioners and counsellors, dedicated to uncovering the source of the emotional, physical and spiritual issues troubling you and your loved ones.

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