Working With Children

Working With Children

Are you worried about your child or need extra support? Has your child developed a habit or a behaviour trait that is causing you concern? Does your Child seem unhappy, stressed or lacks confidence?

At these warm, welcoming, relaxed clinics, I have created a safe, fun and creative environment to put our younger clients at ease. I specialise in working with children and use a creative approach to resolve, offer an outlet and support with a range of issues.

We work together to identify and organise feelings using images, metaphor and imagery. We can even use music and acting as part of the therapeutic journey. Working in this way we can contain the emotional energy to help find resolution within. Using the latest techniques, we create a safe and effective treatment plan, tailored for the child. Working creatively helps gain access to the psychological landscape of the child’s inner world, capturing a fuller picture of the child’s perpetual reality. Telling the story in the third person allows the brain to create distance between the client and the events, helping reduce anxiety, fear and allowing a healing process to occur.

The most common statement we hear is: we wish we had come sooner.

Some of the issues we tackle in children and teens are: anger, bullying, identity issues, abuse, divorce/separation, self-image, low self-esteem, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, nail biting, hair pulling, drugs, alcohol, sexual identity, emotional and sexual abuse, sense of individuality, sleep problems, bereavement, enuresis, encopresis, tics, exam stress.

“it is easier to build a strong child than repair a broken adult”

Happy Mario - Empowering our little superhero's one tap at a time to be their most magical selves…

I work with many children with a whole range of issues and see incredible results using EFT (tapping). Supporting and empowering children to navigate their way through tricky emotions and to give them the tools to boost self-esteem and build resilience is my true passion; one I’m thrilled to share through my work with Happy Marlo.

Happy Marlo is a platform for children’s mental health, offering the very best in emotional wellness, curated and created exclusively for 6 to 11 year olds and I’m delighted to be onboard as their Wellness Wonderwoman, introducing tapping to children. This science backed technique is one of my favourite ways to reduce stress triggers, create balance and manage overwhelming emotions.

Our joint mission is to help raise a new generation of resilient and mindful children.  We want to empower them so they can understand and manage their emotions, feeling prepared for the ups and downs that lie ahead.

My wish is that we can support our young people through the challenges they may face and introduce this easy and effective way to promote self care. Do look out for events on my social media pages or contact me for details.

Little superheroes today…. purposeful grown-ups of the future.


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