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Nature heals and restores you ...

Eileamaidean Retreats are a beautiful blend of celtic -shamanic practices and rituals that deeper our connection with ourselves and nature.

Set in the stunning landscape of the Highlands of Scotland we honour the wisdom of this magical land and the ancestors before us. You may wish to access transformative healing and rebirth, or tap into the wisdom that already resides within.

The elements

Our first 4 retreats will be based on the 4 elements, fire, water, air and earth. Celebrating the seasonal cycles and festivals of the traditional Celtic calendar and weaving in shamanic practices. By attuning to these cycles we can harness the power ot the natural world and the strength of energies, the sun and moon at these times. When we connect with the spirit of the land and the gifts of elements, we evoke and experience deep healing.

We will start with the fire retreat on Imbolc in honour of the goddess Brigid.

The celtic druidry way

Around 2500 years ago, and quite possibly even earlier, tribal spiritualities began to emerge at both ends of the Indo-European arc. These spiritualities eventually evolved into thriving modern movements with followers around the globe. While the earliest forms of what would later develop into Hinduism and Jainism appeared in the Indus Valley, simultaneously in Western Europe, the presence of Druidism began to be documented.

Ever thought about embarking on A Celtic Journey? It's not just a trip; it's a personal exploration that takes you on a dual voyage within yourself and the outside world, intricately woven into the beautiful Celtic tapestry of heart and soul. Picture this—an invitation to contemplation, nurtured and inspired by the rich Celtic spiritual tradition right here in scotland.Imagine immersing yourself in immersive Celtic gatherings, a doorway to Celtic spirituality's initiation and a glimpse into its wisdom tradition and practices. It's like a soulful introduction to celtic spirituality, unlocking the door to mystical realms.When you join a eileamaidean retreat, you're not just a participant; you're invited to engage in revitalizing Celtic rituals and adopt practices seamlessly blending into your daily life. This isn't just another encounter with Celtic spirituality; it's an authentic and profound dive into the mystical, casting a gentle, benevolent light on your spirit. Feel the magic as you explore the diverse facets of the Celtic wisdom tradition and its abundant offerings to your human spirit.Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of music, poetry, blessings, and stories that convey the openness and wonder of the Celtic imagination—your inner fire will be ignited. we will personally guide you in honoring and harmonizing with the essence of this wise and potent presence.So, what do you say? Ready to let the Celtic magic unfold on your personal journey?

Back to your roots

We will guide you in the ancient Celtic ways and invoke the wisdom of the spectacular Scottish Highlands to help us access the untapped wisdom within us to revitalise and realise our powerful resolutions for the coming year.  In our eileamaidean retreats we also bring you closer to the elements.

Donna and Nico are no strangers to rebirth. Both work individually and together as healers and space holders. They will gently and expertly guide you through magical, and empowering portals with shamanic journeys, celtic rituals, healing practices, and inner work to awaken and reclaim your potential within. They have carefully crafted a weekend dedicated to deepening your connection to nature and the wisdom of your soul.

Donna will work with a process of inner alchemy and illuminate the hidden gifts that are beyond the ego concepts of the mind. Shifting old patterns, limiting beliefs using a blend of new and old shamanic and energy work. Holding the space with love and warmth to access your beauty, inner peace and magnificence. To walk your path of purpose and rise like a phoenix from the ashes to a level of consciousness that can create your dreams and align you with your highest truth. 

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