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Nature heals and restores you ...

Eileamaidean Retreats are a beautiful blend of celtic -shamanic practices and rituals that deeper our connection wiht ourselves and nature.

Set in the stunning landscape of the Highlands of Scotland we honour the wisdom of this magical land and the ancestors before us. You may wish to access transformative healing and rebirth, or tap into the wisdom that already resides within.

The elements

Our first 4 retreats will be based on the 4 elements, fire, water, air and earth. Celebrating the seasonal cycles and festivals of the traditional Celtic calendar and weaving in shamanic practices. By attuning to these cycles we can harness the power ot the natural world and the strength of energies, the sun and moon at these times. When we connect with the spirit of the land and the gifts of elements, we evoke and experience deep healing.

We will start with the fire retreat on Imbolc in honour of the goddess Brigid.

Fire - Imbolc 31.01 - 02.02.25

Join us on this retreat at the sacred time of Imbolc and align with the energy of Spring.

A time for detoxification and purification of mind, body and spirit. To cleanse and release the old and rebirth and awaken the potential within. We will guide you in the old Celtic ways, and call on the wisdom of the spectacular Highlands of Scotland to support us to access the untapped wisdom within, to revitalise and create our strong intentions for the year ahead.In this retreat we bring in the element of fire. Imbolc is the time of year to cleanse ourselves. In the celtic druidic tradition we connect with the goddess Brigid. Even if the earth is still in deep ice, we light up the fire and celebrate the awakening of the earth by melting the ice. Will will explore traditional rituals, and journey within to awaken and rebirth.
The Celts celebrated Imbolc primarily as a ritual cleansing from the hardships of winter. In fact, they took this literally and saw it as a time to cleanse the home. Brigid was considered the goddess of fire, hearth, healing and birth. She melts the ice and warms the frozen earth. We honour and call on Brigid to reignite to fire within to alchemise the old and rebirth our hearts desire.

Upcoming Retreats

All Retreats are led by Donna & Nico 

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We have a selection of room rates to suit all. A Guideline of Room Rates based on 2 nights

Fae room- (shared bathroom) single occupancy £750 or £550 per person based on 2 sharing

Raven room- (shared bathroom) single occupancy £850 or £600 per person based on 2 sharing, sharing option 3 £400 per person, based on 3 persons sharing.

Kali Ma room- (shared bathroom) single occupancy £650 or £550 per person based on 2 sharing.

Cailleach room- (shared bathroom) single occupancy £650 or £550 per person based on 2 sharing

QuanYin (own bathroom) single occupancy £800 or £600per person based on 2 sharing, sharing option 3 £400 based on 3 sharing.

Alba room- (upstairs shower) single occupancy £650 or £550 per person based on 2 sharing

Phoenix dorm- (shared bathroom) single occupancy £500 per person - 8 max.

Bunk room- (hall) £500 per person - 2 max

Camping Option - £400

*Option to have extended stays for healing afterwards Monday / Tuesday, Bed and breakfast and session with Nico or Donna £300 per person for 4 night retreats

For more Information about the rooms & retreats, please fill the form.

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