Habits & Addictions


Do your unwanted habits get worse at times of stress?
Do you feel sometimes you have a lack of control or need control to feel comfortable?
Do you feel its time to let go of the old and start a new chapter ?

Habits are usually formed when we have encountered something difficult at some point in our lives. This is where the brain has found the habit a source of comfort, and this has reduced anxiety at the time. The subconscious mind is running these sources of comfort as a quick problem solving programme and by offering suggestion and solution through hypnosis the habit can be resolved or replaced with a more suitable option. Thumb sucking, chocolate for comfort, nail-biting, drinking coffee and wine are just a few of the most common habitual issues that can be helped with hypnotherapy.

“Addiction is only a symptom, is not the fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is trauma.”
Dr Gabor Mate

Stop Smoking

Do you want to stop smoking?

Hypnotherapy Is One Of The Most Successful Ways To Stop For Good: Why?

Because we work with the subconscious mind. Don’t worry it’s nothing like the stage shows where the hypnotist gets the members of the audience to do ridiculous things. It is, in fact, deep relaxation where the brain is more susceptible to suggestion. Smoking being a subconscious habit means it can be altered from believing you enjoy a cigarette, to a disgusting habit that causes your body serious harm.

Hypnosis for stopping smoking is hugely successful over other methods because it is the unconscious mind that alters the feeling we get from smoking. Changing the experience to a negative one and taking away the previously positive experience can change the subconscious pattern that leads to success in stopping for good. This is generally a one-off session of an hour and a half, which can be followed up with a minimal weight gain session for those who have a tendency to replace cigarettes with food. It is expected that as vitamins and nutrients return to the body, as well as increased hydration the body will naturally and healthily gain a few pounds, but if weight- gain is a concern this can be addressed in a follow up session.


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