Motivation & Confidence

Motivation & Sports

Emotional Blocks can play havoc in all areas of our lives. To be at the very top of your game we resolve and improve our performance with the help of hypnosis and looking at possible negative thoughts that prevent you being in your flow state. When we are feeling at ease and relaxed we perform at our best. When things are getting on top of us, it is a lot harder to perform well.

We can remove these blocks, let go of negative programming and return to a calm relaxed way of being and feeling to achieve our goals.


Self Esteem & Self Image

Are you feeling low, and use negative statements about yourself?
Do you feel different and compare yourself to others?
Do you feel you are not good enough?

At Source Health, I formulate a treatment plan for you to become your best self, whatever the issue. Confidence can be portrayed in many ways, but it’s how we feel on the inside that drives self-esteem and view of self.

There are many ways to build confidence and self-esteem to find a happier way of being and feeling.

Hypnosis, EFT and creative art therapy are wonderful ways to increase self-esteem and gain a more positive outlook.

The most commonly heard statement I hear from clients Is … Wow ! I wish I’d known about this earlier.


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