PTSD & Trauma

PTSD & Trauma

Do you feel it could be impacting your health in a negative way?
Would you like to overcome this past upset and fear and move forward in life?
Do you sometimes feel stuck or frozen in this moment?

At Source Health, I use the most advanced and effective techniques to resolve trauma gently and safely.

Post traumatic stress disorder is more common than you may think and treating it is simpler than you might think too. The mind can hold onto past trauma however big or small, but it is the perception at the time that is important to resolve this issue completely. The body stores the trauma energetically whilst the brain can become stuck in fight or flight mode, also known as fight flight freeze response. Triggers can replay the trauma cycle, and this is where the fragmented or frozen part can take over our thought patterns and store these thought patterns in the current folder of the mind.

Using a specific hypnotherapy technique we can refile the trauma to a past experience, by creating distance without having to re-experience any trauma. This is where working with the subconscious mind is an essential way to reprogram our thought patterns.

“What a wonderful service! Donna has changed my life in so many ways, I can’t recommend it enough! She is so talented at seeing what’s going on with you and finding ways to help, support and encourage you to make positive changes and find better ways of thinking and dealing with what’s happening in life. Working with Donna has made me appreciate my life when all I wanted, before hand, was to end it! I absolutely credit Donna with saving me! Thank you so much Donna!”


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