Relationships & Sexual Dysfunction

Are you experiencing disharmony is your relationship?
Are certain issues putting a strain on your relationship?
Have you tried other methods of help but are feeling at a loss?

There can be many reasons for difficulty in achieving levels of confidence needed to interact with the preferred sex, such as low self-esteem, unhappiness with appearance, past experience, fear, being unsure of their sexuality. Exploring the source of the issue and working with the client to create a treatment plan using hypnotic scripts and languages can be a highly effective way to combat such issues.


Have you been trying for a baby for some time?
Are you worried about possible complications to getting pregnant ?
Have you suffered previous negative experiences connected to birth, pregnancy or health ?

Hypnosis can be incredibly helpful for those living with and challenging infertility. By increasing relaxation in the body and mind, we can employ positive suggestive work and reduce anxiety and stress.

Acknowledging fears and any unaddressed issues can be liberating and release tension in the body, which can support the removal of emotional blocks and negative beliefs using EFT or Matrix re-imprinting or matrix birth re-imprinting.

Working with acceptance, uncertainty, family and sexual pressures (as well as financial implications), stress between partners and control issues are all factors that can be assisted with at Source Health.


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