Source Health Healing Therapies

A Blend of Ancient & Modern Techniques

How We Heal

Source Health offers specialist practitioners who deliver a wide range of modern scientifically proven techniques and ancient healing therapies to restore overall balance, wellbeing and potential for growth in both children and adults.

All the therapy and techniques we offer are aimed at tackling the root of our client’s issues, helping them deal with stress, anxiety, trauma, depression and many more conditions. We design a personalised healing plan for each client to meet individual therapeutic needs and goals.

Below we explain some of our main areas of therapy, which are offered in various settings such as one-to-one sessions online and in person at our clinics, immersive retreat stays, corporate events and training in the UK and abroad.

EFT, Matrix & Hypnotherapy

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It involves tapping on the meridian points of the body to balance energy and reduce physical and emotional pain. It can be also be helpful for people suffering anxiety, depression, stress and weight loss issues.

Matrix Re-imprinting is a technique that enhances EFT, using tapping points to release and resolve subconscious memories and past experiences. Using the Matrix we can return to fragmented parts of our being and heal any trauma or misperceptions that unconsciously affect our daily lives.

We specialise in Matrix Birth Re-Imprinting which is hugely beneficial for anyone who has experienced birth trauma, separation of mother and baby, bonding issues, post-natal depression or any negative experiences associated with conception.

Hypnotherapy is an effective and proven method, which induces deep relaxation, making the mind more receptive to positive suggestion. Clinical hypnosis has produced life-changing results in bringing about changes to behaviour, unhooking unhelpful behaviour patterns and creating positive alternatives.

Specialist Child Therapy

Energy Psychologist Donna Grant specialises in working with children, using a creative approach to give support and resolve a range of issues. She is a co-founder and “Wellness Wonder Woman” with the “Happy Marlo” counselling service.

Our child therapy takes place in warm, welcoming relaxed clinic situations, where the safe environment puts young clients at ease, using images, metaphor, music and acting as part of the therapeutic journey.

We have found that creative art therapy is a great way to render the unconscious conscious, giving insight into feelings and emotions, with young people as well as our adult clients.

We have had superb results with issues in children and teens such as:


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