Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Do You Struggle To Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

Do You Feel Like It’s A Losing Battle?

The subconscious mind if far more powerful than our will power is and it really doesn’t like being deprived of what it is conditioned to want. This is why diets fail or only work in the short term.
If food is providing a source of comfort or a way of coping or there just seems to be a wall you hit when it comes to dieting or losing weight, this could be because of your relationship with food.
It is far more successful to address eating habits and the relationship to food using hypnosis. Reprogramming the powerful subconscious with new positive suggestions is an effective way of gaining some control back.

Tailored Treatment Plans

I can tailor a treatment plan for you. Food can become a coping mechanism: food replaces love, food becomes a treat when we are hurt, sad, upset etc., eating to get attention, eating for reward, eating the wrong things to deal with fear. At Source Health, I tackle the cause of the issue to enable the client to fulfil their goal weight. Expert nutritional advice and healthy eating plans are available upon request.


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