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Regular Hatha Yoga Classes in Muir of Ord

The practice of Yoga is ancient – it began in India around 2,000 years ago as a series of spiritual breathing exercises. Today Yoga – a version known as Hatha Yoga – is hugely popular around the world because of its mind-body wellness benefits.

Hatha yoga focuses on assuming different postures (known as asanas) which strengthen the body physically, and breathing techniques which encourage meditation and complete relaxation.

Yoga is therefore an essential part of what we aim to achieve here at Source Health – holistic health for mind, body and spirit.

We offer regular hour-long hatha yoga classes in a warm, welcoming atmosphere at our Aurora Borealis Highland Retreat, led by an experienced practitioner whose yoga sessions have proved so popular that we have had to insist on advance bookings.

Gentle on Beginners

If you’re afraid that yoga may be too much for you to handle, rest assured that it is a practice you can grow into, considered ideal for beginners. It is calm, slow and structured as far as the physical exercise goes, and you won’t have to force yourself to do more than you feel comfortable with.

In a hatha yoga class there are always some physical challenges, but also plenty to exercise the mind too. Class begins with a warm up stretch session, followed by some strengthening asanas (poses) for different parts of the body. You’ll simultaneously be taught breathing control exercises, called pranayama. Classes end with quiet, meditative deep relaxation known as savasana.

Most people, no matter what their fitness level, thoroughly enjoy yoga sessions, which is why we often incorporate them into our wellness Retreats.

Benefits of Yoga

For a seemingly simple set of exercises the benefits of Hatha yoga are legion. If you stick with yoga you’ll find your suppleness and flexibility improve, but apart from becoming fitter you’ll discover other health benefits too.

Stress will become more manageable because you have learned to control your breathing, so anxiety and panic attacks will become easier to overcome.

Yoga students generally find that they start sleeping better. This is because doing yoga reduces levels of cortisol, a hormone connected to your sleep cycle. It also improves sleep because with its focus on mindful breathing yoga relaxes the mind.

There’s evidence too that yoga eases depression symptoms because it increases the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin in your brain, calming the nervous system and regulating your emotions.
Yoga has been shown to decrease neck and back pain, relieve the symptoms of menopause and arthritis …. and so much more.

The best way to find out what yoga can do for your mind, body and soul is to give it a go! We look forward to having you join our yoga classes.

Marie Eckenschwiller

Originally from France, it was in Strasbourg that I discovered yoga in 2015. I quickly fell in love with one particular form of yoga: Ashtanga. Since then, I have deepened my practice through courses and workshops and decided to continue my learning by becoming a certified teacher in Mysore, India, the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga.Today I teach classes that give me the opportunity to share the power of the practice of yoga with others. After several trips back and forth between France and the Highlands in the last few years, I finally decided to put my roots down on the Black Isle. There, I teach classes that give me the opportunity to share the power of the practice of yoga with others. I offer introductory courses in Ashtanga yoga open to all to learn this type of yoga in an adapted and progressive way. I look forward to welcoming you to my classes.What is Ashtanga Yoga? Ashtanga Yoga is known to be a dynamic yoga that strengthens, softens and tones. This style of yoga combines a specific form of deep breathing and a defined series of postures that you repeat in each class.Repetition of postures allows you to know the movements and to concentrate on breathing to develop a sort of meditative flow.


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