EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting


EFT, also known as “tapping” is a revolutionary technique that releases any trapped emotion or trauma from the body. It’s like acupuncture without the needles and uses the meridian points to release negative emotions that are being sent from the amygdala in the brain.

This is a fantastic technique for children combined with picture tapping, where we draw out how the emotions in the body feel, look etc.

EFT has even found its way into schools, which we fully support, provided it is done in a safe way. Studies in the USA indicated that EFT is the most successful trauma technique after extensive use with ex-service men.

Matrix Re-Imprinting

Matrix re-imprinting is where we release and resolve memories and past experiences that are held in the subconscious, in the human body and the external energy field . This technique has been developed from EFT and still uses the many tapping points. Matrix re-imprinting enhances EFT by incorporating all the latest developments in new science and quantum physics.

As we know, our subconscious programming runs the majority of our daily lives: our activities, habits and behaviour based on our past experiences. Our core beliefs are based on the first 7 years of life; using the Matrix we can go back to fragmented parts of our being and heal any trauma or misperceptions that can play out and effect our daily lives on an unconscious level.

The mind can hold on to any past trauma or experience that triggered the fight flight freeze response, which can also be stored in the body. When we have a frozen echo, we can sometimes feel hijacked. This is the part we connect and work with for transformational results.

This technique works incredibly well with past trauma without the need to re-traumatize the client.

“This Wonderful Woman Has Been Instrumental In Changing The Lives Of Both Me And My Daughter. Traditional Therapies Did Nothing To Help And In Reality Caused More Harm. Donna Is Incredibly Skilled And Genuinely Cares Passionately About Her Work Which Is Transforming Our Lives”

Matrix Birth RE-Imprinting

Would you like a magical birth? Have you experienced any kind of birth trauma? Were there issues with mother or baby that created fear? Are you worried about pregnancy or birth ? Was your own birth difficult in any way? Have you experienced post-natal depression ? Do you feel you didn't bond with your baby?

The list of possible questions around birth are endless—it’s just really important to know that there is help with these fears, traumas and experiences.

Beliefs and negative emotions can be experienced pre-birth. Negative birth experiences can even go back to conception and be carried or felt by the baby. Healing any aspect of a traumatic birth can heal and open the way for an expecting mother to have the natural birth they desired. 

This technique is so vital to understanding who we are and is hugely beneficial for anyone who has experienced trauma during birth, separation of mother and baby, bonding issues, post-natal depression or any negative experiences associated with conception. This technique is very important part of my healing tool kit, as these experiences effect who we believe we are in the world or how the world appears to be.


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