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Transformational Training on Demand

As healing practitioners we are constantly learning. It’s an exciting and developing field in which therapies, techniques and tools once considered alternative are becoming increasingly mainstream, in many cases backed up by scientific studies and proven results.

Here at Source Health we believe it is fair and just – and indeed necessary – to share our skills and knowledge with the wider world. Our clients, in particular, need to be able to treat themselves as they work to ward off stress, anxiety, trauma and all the other damaging results of the negative programming life has thrown at them.

We’re not expecting everyone to achieve qualifications and certification in the therapies we use and recommend, but we can – and do – teach various techniques, processes and self-help tools that can help maintain our clients’ equilibrium when professional help is not around.

Our training sessions are held on demand on an ad hoc basis. We’re happy to schedule one-to-one training or group training classes for those who want to know how to transform their lives for the better.

Instruction in Recognised Healing Therapies

If anyone is interested in pursuing a career in holistic or spiritual therapy, we would be happy to assist with advice, mentorship and specific training in the specialised techniques in which we are qualified and highly experienced.
We can offer instruction and guidance in therapies such as:

Our resident Shamanic Healer is also happy to explain the benefits of his ancient practices, and demonstrate the rites and rituals which act as a conduit of healing to restore lost power and bring back the scattered soul to its full potential.

We hold training sessions and classes on request anywhere in the UK or remotely online. Most of our classes, however, take place at our Aurora Borealis Retreat in the Scottish Highlands.

Empowering & Supporting People

Our energy psychologist, Donna Grant, is well known for her work with the Happy Marlo collaboration, which works to further children’s emotional well-being. She has developed an EFT tapping toolkit for the Marlo Members club which helps children to self-soothe, release unhelpful emotions, and change their mood in minutes.

This is just one example of how our practitioners use their skills and experience to fulfil our mission of empowering and supporting people through training in holistic healing.

In a formal setting or in our daily round, teaching forms part of the ethos of Source Health, and we’re delighted to be able to bring the light of knowledge into the darkness of a damaged soul.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about the therapies and techniques we offer, or find out how you can learn to help yourself.


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