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As the old proverb states “There is a cure for every aliment and pain”

Soul Retrieval

Have you ever experienced a Soul Loss ?? Soul Loss phenomenon usually follows a traumatic event or series of events in our life. Sometimes this can be due to difficult upbringing, dysfunctional family dynamics, physical illness, accidents, emotional hurts, insults, abandonment, losing a beloved one etc. The feeling of being fragmented is closely related to disassociation or disconnection from self, from the people around us, from the flow of life. We feel that “something” is missing ever since we have experienced the traumas that created the negative patterns in our behavior, thoughts and emotions. All we are left is a scattered mind and a spirit with dimmed light, lacking the innocent joy of being alive. We hide in the dark corner of desperation and preoccupy ourselves with destructive coping mechanisms as the last resort to escape and sooth ourselves from the excruciating pain and feeling of emptiness as we wear the daily “happy” mask for the external world.

As the old proverb states “There is a cure for every aliment and pain” the ancient powerful healing practice of Soul Retrieval is such a cure for a person experiencing Soul Loss. The shamanic healer uses his/her abilities to get into conscious interaction with one’s Soul and the Spiritual Realm to partake a series of rites to bring back the lost energy to the rightful owner. The shamanic healer acts as a vessel to manifest our intention to be healed. Our guides, souls of our ancestral linage, Mother Nature and the Great Universal Consciousness work together to bring all the healing that we need to become whole and realise, accept, love and thrive on our unique path and way of being.

Sees in Dark – shamanic healer

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an ancient healing practice used by shamanic healers to bring back any missing energy or parts of our Soul scattered due to physical or emotional traumas in our recent and remote past. Soul Loss can lead to disassociation/disconnection from ourselves, people and life. On a personal level we feel empty, lost, desperate and we tend to spiral in dysfunctional relationships, addictions, coping mechanisms. When we experience a Soul Loss there is the inner knowing that “something” is missing and we can precisely relate this feeling to certain periods in our life.

The healer acts as a medium between our physical body, our conscious mind and our soul and embodies our intention to bring back the lost energy and our sense of internal balance and peace. Soul Retrieval is a powerful healing rite and as such the shift is usually experienced immediately after the healing. We can feel a certain level of serenity and peace, connection to nature, life, our feelings and self-worth or feel absolutely energized and full of inspiration. We can also receive insights in the form of messages in dreams or synchronicities in real life. The aspect of us receiving healing can also have a positive impact on our relationships with others as we would not be responding from a place of pain anymore but from a place of understanding and inner strength.

We can benefit from Soul Retrieval as a potent stand alone technique or it can very well compliment other ongoing therapies and amplify, expand the outcome of our healing journey.


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