Energy Psychology Training

Learn Techniques & Tools for Transformation

It fills my heart with joy and gratitude to extend this invitation

to an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation. I am Donna Grant, and I am blessed to share with you the techniques that have not only transformed my own life but also touched the lives of thousands of others. Prepare to step into your power and unlock your true potential through my in-person Energy Psychology Training.

The journey begins on 9th of September 2024 I am offering 10 weekly online live sessions (3 – 6 pm GMT) over 12 weeks. All sessions will be held via zoom and recorded for use within the group.

What to expect:
What is conscious health? 
Where our hard wiring and conditioning comes from.
The biology of belief systems.
How to induce relaxation and a sense of safety to regulate the nervous system
Introduction to EFT, Tapping points .
EFT for self care.
When basic human needs are not met.
Using EFT to heal patterns, habits, addictions.
Working with stress and anxiety.
Moving beyond the ego
Ladder of consciousness.
The malleable Matrix.
Self esteem, phobias, pain.
Working with children creatively.
Inner child work, reparenting.
Getting back to the root of trauma.
Panic attacks, Grief, Anger
Birth matrix re-imprinting.

Allow me to provide you with a glimpse of what awaits you during this life-altering training:

We will embark on the exploration of conscious health, delving into the intricate connections between the mind, body, and spirit. We will unravel the power of belief systems, uncovering their roots and learning how to induce a sense of safety within ourselves and others. Through the introduction of powerful techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hypnosis, we will master the art of holding space and understand when and why to blend these modalities.

 We will harness the healing potential of EFT, using it to guide clients in overcoming patterns, habits, and addictions. Together, we will explore the impact of stress on the body and delve into the intricacies of regulating the nervous system, ensuring a harmonious state of being.

Self-esteem, anxiety, phobias, and pain will take centre stage in this transformative module. We will delve into the depths of the Matrix. Trusting our intuition, we will unlock profound healing potential within ourselves and those we serve.

Children hold incredible wisdom within, and we will learn to tap into their limitless creativity. Together, we will explore the realm of inner child work and reparenting, allowing us to facilitate deep integration and holistic growth.

Within the roots of trauma lies the opportunity for profound healing. We will unravel the mysteries of soul-loss, panic attacks, grief, and anger, while embarking on a journey of re-birth through matrix reimprinting. Moreover, we will equip ourselves with tools to protect our own energy, ensuring a sustainable and empowering path.

As we near the culmination of this extraordinary training, we will explore spiritual tools that support our work. Energy-work, shamanic practices, the light matrix, human givens, and spirit release will illuminate our path, providing ongoing training and expansion.

Upon completion of this training,

you will be accredited by Source Health Training Ltd, embodying the wisdom and techniques that have the power to transform lives. To ensure your success, each student will receive a monthly session dedicated to working on their own belief systems with me, Donna.

The investment for this course is £1750 or £500 per month for 4 months.

You will be invited to an in person gathering at the end of the course. Details to be confirmed soon.

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